Valuation & Business Modelling

In market practice there exist many opportunities for business valuation. The most popular are mergers and acquisitions, but knowledge of the company’s value is also extremely important during the loan procedure, conducting family succession, organizing a holding group, or building incentive programs for executives. At Blackpartners we understand that each of these reasons causes certain effects in the valuation and they have to be tackled with.

In our valuation services concerning the whole business, as well as its organized part, brand, or assets, we work closely with clients to fully understand all aspects of their business.

Business valuation

On the client’s request we make valuations of companies and their organized parts, brand and shares. We generally use three methods to determine the value of the company (comparative valuation, transaction-based method and discounted cash flow), but the choice of valuation methods is always preceded by a company analysis. The client receives a valuation report with an indication of the main centers that create its value.

Business value audit

The audit of the company is a service in the course of which we point out the main centers determining the value of the company and measures that should be implemented in order to pick it up. Activities such as creating an optimal capital or organisational structure or changes in accounting principles can significantly increase the value of the company.

We base our valuation on rules laid down by The Polish Federation of Property Appraiser Associations, which can be downloaded here.

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