Transaction advisory

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions are becoming more and more popular method of enterprise development. Capital transactions enable the business to attain a substantial competitive advantage and begin expansion to new business areas. It is, however, the most difficult financial and strategic decision for company’s owner to make. It determines not only prospects of future development but also future company’s form.

Transactions constitute one of the most complex business processes which occur in a company and they are often regarded by the owners as typical of large enterprises. In the meantime the great majority of mergers and acquisitions occur in the sector of small and medium-sized companies.

Transaction advisory is a core business of our company. We advise on the transactions and supervise the M&A processes as a whole, from the moment of the decision, choice and valuation of entities, due dilligence, transaction negotiations until the final business talks. At Customers’ request we get engaged also in the post-merger consulting, during which we create added value for company’s owners and integrate companies. Blackpartners is experienced in working both for small enterprises and world-wide concerns.

In the course of projects we cooperate with law firms, appraisers, branch experts and other professionals who support us in effective transaction completion.

Moreover, our company assists in creating security strategy for enterprises which constitute the subject of acquisitions. Together with the client we work out solutions allowing the protection of the owners from hostile takeovers.

On behalf of the Management and Supervisory Boards as well as Shareholders we also prepare fairness opinions. It should be emphasized that the opinion does not analyse whether the price to be paid / received is the best, or is the possibly highest to achieve. The opinion refers to whether the proposed price is within the range of fair value.

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