The banking and insurance sector is one of those that were worst affected by the crises of the recent years. The management boards of entities in this sector are currently focusing on building trust among their clients and other stakeholders. Taking the problems of the PIGS countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) as well as the uncertain situation across the Euroland into account, more and more attention is being paid to building a sustainable development strategy and to risk management so that the clients of these entities are not worried about their funds and security interests. The improvement of solvency and liquidity indicators as well as bad loan portfolio management are becoming the key issues.

The consultants at Blackpartners support financial institutions in dealing with the above issueas as well as many other problems. We have participated in many projects carried out on behalf of commercial and investment banks as well as insurance companies. The participation in numerous projects and undertakings of financial institutions enabled us to provide comprehensive services for the banking sector.

Our services include the development of recovery programmes for banks as the basis for rebuilding their own funds and regaining liquidity. We prepare receivables portfolio valuations, which are used by banks in acquisition and sales transactions. We prepare financial models for assessing the impact of a planned undertaking on the entity’s operations and performance. We provide external owner supervision of the bank’s debtors, which ensures the constant monitoring of operations of entities that have financial obligations to the bank.

Blackpartners’ projects provide for banking law regulations, the requirements of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) as well as other regulations such as Basel III and the Dodd-Frank Act.

We invite you to check our offer addressed to banks and insurance companies:

Performance improvement and restructuring,

Financial modeling,

External corporate governance,

Business valuation.

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