Our Values

Blackpartners is a provider of impartial financial and strategic consulting services in SME sector. Our goal is to support Clients in making key decisions, particularly in the areas of sales, finance and strategy.

Blackpartners responsibly runs business in order to ensure a balance between a possibly high profitability and a long-term growth for owners and simultaneously filling our obligations to society.

As a consulting company we are committed to create responsible solutions with respect to all stakeholders. Although our goal is to increase the value of our Clients, our actions are also to initiate sustainable development of all concerned.

Blackpartners is open to the participation and membership in organizations working for social objectives and developing CSR rules.

  1. Responsibility

    As Associates, we are fully responsible for ourselves and the Firm; as the Firm, we are fully responsible for our Clients.

  2. Professionalism

    We approach each task with full professionalism and the highest ethic standards.

  3. Freedom

    We are an independent consulting comapny, which allows us to remain free. We need freedom to shape our future.

  4. Trust

    Everyday, we build and strengthen trust received from our Clients entrusting us theirs businesses.

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