Family business

Family businesses constitute one of the foundations of our economy. Such companies, however, have totally different values and needs from those of multinational corporations. An important aspect here is team management and family succession, i.e. the process consisting in transferring the knowledge and responsibility for the business to the younger generation.

Our Partners have worked for many Polish family businesses and some multinational corporations controlled by one family. We support such companies in optimizing their daily business processes. Our activities help those companies maximize their value, while maintaining security for future generations, which is of benefit for their owners.

We try to support family businesses in making key decisions about the directions of development. A responsible and defined strategy allows companies to develop dynamically, both organically and through mergers and acquisitions.

Companies whose size requires professional financial management but which do not employ a financial director, are offered a support in managing their liquidity, profitability and in fundraising.

Owners who choose selling their company rather than transfering it are offered valuation, finding the right acquirer as well as the overall supervision of the transaction in cooperation with a renowned law firm.

The services offered to family business are among others:

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