Our philosophy

Blackpartners was founded by a group of professionals with experience in Polish and European capital markets. Blackpartners executives have worked for the world’s largest corporations and respected consulting companies. The Partners’ experience and enterpreneurship decided to create a professional consulting group whose aim is to provide services of the highest standard with accordance with the best practices of investment banking.

Blackpartners provides impartial transaction and strategic consulting services to Polish and European companies in SME sector. We advise the Boards and the Owners, how “to see the invisible and do the impossible”’. We specialize in mergers and acquisitions and offer access to investors in all kinds of business thanks to contacts with financial market institutions.

For small businesses, we offer services in obtaining financing, development strategies, creating business plans and sales management. Our consultants create „tailor-made” solutions because we believe that every company has their own needs that have to be fulfilled by us. We are famous for high quality of provided services, yet our emoluments proportioned to the clients’ needs and affordability.

Our goal is to support clients in making key decisions, particularly in the areas of sales, finance and strategy. Blackpartners responsibly runs business in order to ensure a balance between a possibly high profitability and a long-term growth for owners and simultaneously filling our obligations to society.

As a consulting company we are committed to create responsible solutions with respect to all stakeholders. Although our goal is to increase the value of our clients, our actions also initiate sustainable development of all concerned. Blackpartners is open to participation and membership in organizations developing CSR rules and working for social objectives. We also plan to open a venture capital fund investing in enterprises with a high growth potential on the mass market, regardless of their branch.

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