Corporate finance

We specialise in corporate finance management. Our consultants represent a modern and innovative approach to finance management which focuses on liquidity, risk and value management with division of the CFO and The Chief Accountant functions.

Our services are provided either as a project in which the client’s objective is realised or in the form of Interim Management which assumes that our consultant becomes a temporary manager of the client’s company.

Our services involve especially:

  • An overview of liquidity, market risk and credit risk management processes, support in implementing improvements in the strategy sphere, organisational structure, processes and procedures, applied methodologies and instruments in the business area concerned
  • Structuring the security strategies and assistance in negotiations with financial institutions
  • Financial instruments and incentive schemes valuation
  • Planning and assistance in implementing the financial risk measuring methods as well as principles of effectiveness evaluation with considering risk
  • Consulting concerning accounting principles application in financial instruments and incentive schemes, and security accounting principles in particular
  • Designing and implementing risk hedging policy

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