Mergers and acquisitions are also available for small and medium enterprises

10 kroków do udanej sprzedaży firmy
  • 16 April 2016
  • Iguana Studio
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Owners and managers of small and medium-size companies are usually convinced that mergers and acquisitions are processes typical of large companies. Nevertheless, it is mid-caps that have the biggest opportunities of the development in the course of mergers and acquisitions.

In my job I have a constant contact with enterpreneurs from the sector of small and medium-size companies who are to make a decision about the future development of their business. Unfortunately, those who consider mergers and acquisitions as the form of development comprise a minority. Although capital transactions on the controlled market do not constitute the best solution for every company, the owners should take such an option into consideration while building the strategy. So what is the reason for the fear of M&A transactions among small and medium-size companies? Which aspects should be taken into account in the case of companies that have taken this step?

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