Merger and Acquisition Manual

  • 16 April 2016
  • Iguana Studio
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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are becoming a popular way of developing one’s business. Capital transactions give a major competitive advantage and enable to start the expansion in new business areas. However, M&As are among the most difficult financial and strategic decisions that have to be taken by an owner of a company. They determine not only the potential of further development, but also the future shape of an enterprise.

This Merger and Acquisition Manual is aimed at making you familiar with the process of buying/selling a company or finding an investor. It has been written in a reader-friendly and most practical manner. We hope that owing to this publication the M&A business will have no secrets to your and you will be able to close business transactions successfully. We want to make M&A operations accessible to our readers and show them that a well-planned and conducted transaction gives a chance of multiplying any business.

It is great pleasure to give you this publication. We hope you will enjoy the reading and look forward to working with you. We can achieve extraordinary results by cooperating in increasing the value of your business. The manual can be downloaded here.

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